Paper Trail Conclusions [bullet points]

•British Army was located in Moyard Park at the time of Martha’s killing

•V2, 1 Kings specifically in Moyard reported at 830 pm that it had been shooting for some minutes around the time of Martha’s killing

•There are reports of alleged gunmen but none of gunmen firing at British Army positions in the area.

•1 Para grouped at V2 location before setting off on operation to dominate New Barnsley and Ballymurphy

•Retrospective report recorded Call Sign V2 shooting 23 high velocity rounds from Moyard (Parade, then Park clarified) at area of the waste ground between Divismore Park and Springhill Crescent

•This proves that V2, 1 Kings admitted it is fired shots into the very area and at the very time that Martha is killed.

•1 Kings does not claim Martha’s murder in these files but the subsequent failure to investigate by RUC/RMP and even admit British Army presence and targeted shooting in the exact area is obviously very suspect.

•The Coroner at the original inquest was not given this critical evidence

•Either MoD gave HET false/incomplete information; or HET failed to interrogate the information correctly.

•These files substantiate the witness accounts and the great research by the Campbell family. Specifically, the British Army was located in Moyard Park and fired high velocity rounds at a target in the area when Martha was murdered. The same British Army units alleged gunmen in the area but, importantly no gunfire from said gunmen – ie. Only the British Army fired.

•Paper Trail knows where further information will be located although that information is retained by MoD and not in Public Records repositories

•1 Kings then killed a number of teenagers including a young girl a few weeks later during the Springhill Westrock Massacre.

•If the British state had investigated Martha’s unlawful killing and held the British Army to account, 1 Kings may not have killed civilians in the area in the subsequent weeks, including teenagers in Springhill

•Paper Trail is dealing with a number of families from both sides of the community impacted by 1 Kings murders and subsequent cover-ups around the same time.

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